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campaign that america was ready to elect a light-skinned candidates with no need for a dialect unless he wanted one. -- no need for a dialogue. >> what it means to be a minority in america. >> that was an ignorant comment. apologizing to not only obama but the entire black community. >> he apologized to the president, and the president said he accepted that apology, but someone harry reid to step down the democrats are standing behind him -- but some want harry reid to step down. michael steele has faced criticism of his performance and controversy about his recent book. the book takes stock of the gop and accuses republican leaders of abandoning the conservative principles. they say if they are unhappy with him, they should ever fire him or stop. >>> carjackers struck many times since october. jay korff joins us live with many details. jay? >> well, this rash of carjackings has a lot of people in this neighborhood on the edge tonight, and we did speak with one victim, who said old- fashioned police work has her more at ease. victorious survived a horrifying scenario. from october to dec
have fallen. >> i have never been more hopeful about america's future. >> the president says he knows of many americans are angry, and he pledged to fight. >> despite our hardships, we do not give up. we do not quit. we do not allow fear or division to break our spirit. >> the president admitted that congress is still bickering and that the bank bailout was about as popular as a root canal. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010, and that is why i am calling for a new jobs bill tonigh >> backing tax breaks for small businesses and the middle class, the president said a bigger fix or the economy, must include fixing the health-care system,. >> i do not accept second place for the united states of america. >> the president made sure to talk about his wife, still popular in the polls. >> she gets embarrassed. let us find a way to come together and finished the job for the american people. -- and finishe the job. let's did in done. >> the president also called for more bipartisanship -- let's get it done. he talked also about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. he says he believes the
to president obama? and some of america's fallen heroes, a final farewell. >>> videotape of the jordanian doctor who suicide bomber killed seven cia operatives in afghanistan aired on al-jazeera and pakistani television today. he was promising to provide information on al qaeda hiding places and was invited on to the cia base. just as he was getting a pat down search, he detonated the explosives. leon panetta said, "in the past year, we have done exceptionally heavy damage to cut and the associates. that is why the extremists it backed." >>> funerals today for some of the cia officers who were killed. harold brown jr. was remembered during a service in massachusetts. the father of three lived in fairfax county. >> i will love you now and forever. >> flags were lowered to half staff at the cia and the seven new stars joined the others on a wall of honor at the cia office in langley. >>> a man with suspected ties to terrorism pled not guilty today on charges he was training for al qaeda. he was accused of lying to pakistan to get military training. he is one of two men arrested yesterday in
of the toughest gun laws and america, and you want to showboat and figure it is funny. >> in the future he could face felony charges and up to five years in prison. we talked to a legal analyst and he says that if he had guns in new horizons center and it mr. tha-- guns int he verizon cente, he could be locked up. >> we spoke with mike shanahan when he was originally introduced as the team's head coach. >> mike shanahan promises not to disappoint. hes the 28 head coach of the redskins and becomes the second highest-paid coach with a five- year deal worth $30 million. he gives the struggling franchise renewed hope. at 57, she is younger than that of joe gibbs and more experienced than jim zorn. he will start putting his staff together immediately. his son, kyle, will be the new offensive coordinator. he has faced with a very tough past, trying to turn around a four and 12 football team. i asked him how long will it take? >> what to do is approach every day just like you did throughout your career, my career in denver. you try to get better -- better every day. i understand it is a process. we wil
cross, some of big businesses are shipping in. bank of america will donate $1 million to the efforts and will match any donations made by their employees. the walmart from a nation and kraft food will also give cash, and american airlines will fly relief supplies into the country. we will continue to follow every development of the deadly earthquake. after our newscast tonight, " nightline" will have more. >>> we not change gears to the weather. conditions remain dry. >> what can we expect overnight? doug hill is live in the weather center with a first look. >> we had a great wednesday, 42 degrees. the latest from the belfort furniture weather center, live reports, 33 degrees damascus, 25 leesburg, 24 warrenton. calvert county 27 degrees. the story thursday morning, cold and sunny, temperatures mostly in the 20's. in the morning hours, temperatures in the 30's, variable wind. tomorrow will be very nice, high-pressure and sunshine. we keep our eyes on the gulf of mexico with a storm system developing, playing a role in the weekend weather. >>> if you cheat on sleep, and hope to catch
is the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. yes, we speak car. and apparently, quite well. fusion is now motor trend's 2010 car of the year. get in... and drive one. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> tonight, new photo's have surfaced in the so-called third white house party crasher, carlos allen. it turns out he was seated and also had a meal. cynne simpson has the latest. >> his attorney says his client was an invited guest, not a party casher, and if anyone is to blame, he says it is the white house. carlos palin initially denied -- carlos allen initially denied the incident. >> he was invited to stay, ate dinner, listen to a concert, and enjoyed the evening with all the other guests. >> photos posted online showed he was seated at a table next to the ceo of the state bank of india also at the table, abc's robin roberts. >> if the government's position was he was not on the official guest list, someone at the dinner should have told him that. >> it appears the white house is not clear on who all was in attendance that night. >> we tried to ge
will make him the second highest- paid coach in america. it will save the denver broncos on the money they owe him for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. mike shanahan. the redskins' new head coach. more coming up later in sports, but this contract is now a done deal. he is recognized to be and organize, fundamentally sound coach. the redskins are lucky to have him. >> it will get tongs to wagging in a few hours. >>> use of his arrival in washington has the fans buzzing over the team's future. >> a lot of people are ready for a change. others are skeptical he can make a difference. our team coverage is in show clinton with reaction. >> this last season that was definitely difficult for redskins fans, watching a loss after loss after loss. now word that mike shanahan has worked out a deal with the team has many fault -- a hopeful that this off season will be one of change. and on the low billiards -- bungalow billiards, fans are feeling optimistic. >> she has the experience. >> is sure to be an off season full of shakeups with bruce allen as the manager. now mike shanahan is stepping in as hea
luther king once spoke in northwest. he talked about building america, getting back to basics, and making sacrifices. he also compared the challenges of dr. king's era to today and admitted that he gets frustrated. >> there was a hope that life would be better from the moment that i swore that both. of course, as we meet here today, one year later, we know the promise of that moment has not yet been fully fulfilled. >> the entire first family attended the service. dr. king spoke at that church in 1956, just as he was emerging as a prominent voice in the civil rights moment. >>> hopefully for tomorrow, it will be nicer. steve rudin has a look at the forecast. >> today, it was cloudy, rainy, windy. our belfort furniture weather center, this pressure is moving towards the north. high pressure will build for the overnight hours, d showers will come to an end if they have not -- high pressure will build. for the overnight hours, showers will come to an end if they have not already. taking a look at our martin luther king holiday forecast -- >>> also coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, an internet
to make take -- road may want to take aim in america. finding hope in the haiti. >> ♪ >>> the push to raise money is nationwide. and it is here in our area. live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >>> physical violence and sex. hearst accusations are being made. she tells a magazine that some were let go because they were abusive to students. we are live outside of the d.c. school headquarters. they are under fire again. >> teachers and parents say they are concerned about this and wonder why the accusations are now being made. are they really true? friday, october 2, 2009. it was an emotional and difficult day for these public schools. there was a layoff of 266 teachers and staff. >> he was taken out of the classroom. >> months later, there is a preview of the d.c. schools chancellor and it has teachers and the teachers' union outraged. >> i think they are owed an apology. >> she is quoted as saying, i got rid of teachers who hit children, had sex with children and have missed many days of school. >> that is a concern as a principle and as a parent. >> the union
are conneing small businesses across america - in cities and small towns - to markets around the world. we know that investment in broadband high speed internet can create hundreds of thousands of new american jobs. small businesses are being formed - dreams are being launched - andeal jobs are being created. at at&t, we're investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. dreams, and jobs, and the future are at stake. at at&t, the future, are at stake. at at&t, the future, has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. >> your umbrella. >> a lot of rain on the way. a mild night. it may hit 60. definitely cooler on tuesday. temperatures in the lower 40's. snowflakes on thursday, friday, and into saturday. some delays tomorrow, especially during rush hour. thanks for coming back out. sure. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, wre getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per m
from the fact that that kind of thinking is really how people think in america today. >> the president says he has forgiven reid, but some voters say there is a double standard. >> if a republican had done that, everyone would be telling him to resign. >> mr. obama says for him, the book is closed. >> for him to use some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to make hay out of that, it makes absolutely no sense. >> to accept his apology, then we, the public, have to do the same. >> now, republicans want reid to resign, but he has a lot of popularity in his own party. it is not over though. he faces a tough reelection campaign back home. >> the question whether or not he should resign as voters on our website tonight. so far, 53% say that, yes, here we should resign, and the remaining 47% are saying no -- he should resign. >>> in an abc news exclusive, dia sawyer asked general stanley mcchrystal whether or not we are fighting al qaeda in the right country. >> i do not think this war is in the wrong place. i think the afghan people both need and deserve this assistance.
) if toyota gets credit for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you". tell him "he's welcome", but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] hundreds of channels, thousands of movies, and three times more very satisfied customers than comcast. this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> the snow did not stop some of the high profile of people from attending an exclusive dinner. the annual dinner was held at the capital hilton. some of those on the guest list , colin powell, john mccain. president obama did not attend. >>> you know where he was earlier in the day?
in the florida keys called police after seeing the suspects picture on "america's most wanted." several suspected immigrant smugglers are behind bars after police raided a home in phoenix. authorities went to the home after receiving tips that the smugglers role in more than a dozen emigrants against their will. police say they had been held for more than a week. some told investigators they had been beaten. they are expected to be deported. and errors on a family is reeling after a teenage girl accidentally ran over and killed her brother. -- and arizona family. they were playing around a mall parking lot when the girl -- when the boy jump in front of the car. the boy was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. there's no word if any charges will be filed. aghast as pollution -- and gas explosion injured 11 people. buildings and windows were p shaken. hello will the mercury go? we have the latest temperatures and the possibility of some snow in the seven-day forecast. and the possibility of some snow in the seven-day forecast.'s easy to feel like you're fading into the backgrou
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13